Finding a Job

There are lots of different ways to find a job. The more ways you try, the better chance you have of being successful.

Find a job online
Most people use the internet to search for jobs. Here are some useful sites to try:
1066online (Hastings)

Temping and recruitment agencies
Nowadays more and more jobs are available on a temporary basis or through recruitment agencies.It's a good idea to register with a few agencies so that you don't miss out on the chance to apply for these jobs

Local and national newspapers
Employers often advertise job vacancies in local or national newspaper. Newspapers will also give you ideas of where to send speculative letters and CVs – this is where you approach an employer you’re interested in working for, even if they are not advertising a vacancy.

Ask people you know and use social media
If you are at school or college, ask your tutor for ideas on where to send your CV. Many schools and colleges have links with employers, who might ask them to recommend students for specific jobs.
Let your friends, family and neighbours know you are looking for work and ask them to keep an eye out for you.
You can also use LinkedIn to find the people working in the organisations you would like to work for.
There are also job adverts and may be a way to make contact with influential people and see what jobs you would love to do in the future.

Here are some tips for setting up your profile
If you are emailing people, make sure you have a sensible email address! Also stay safe online
Or you can use a traditional approach and if you know someone who is doing a job you’d love to try, why not see if you can meet for coffee and get some advice?

Voluntary work is where you do unpaid work for an employer. It’s a great way of trying out different careers and getting useful experience to put on your CV. You may also be lucky enough to be offered a job.
Employers also like people who have been doing volunteering and you will have more to talk about in interviews and applications.
Find out more about volunteering

Jobcentre Plus
You can always try searching for a job at your local Jobcentre Plus office. They have vacancies advertised and staff on hand who can offer advice and assist with making applications and arrange interviews.