Careers support and advice for adults

There are lots of opportunities for adults in East Sussex to access support and training to find a job or develop a career. Because the job market and employers' needs are always changing, it is important to keep up to date with current skills. Here you'll find links to various training courses and support to help you progress your career, enter the job market, or move into another career entirely.

The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance. They offer personalised advice based on your skills and interests. CXK offer the service locally. You can get in touch for a careers conversation. You may find you've the right skills for something you hadn't considered working in before.

If you are looking for advice about finding a job that is right for you, or about how to change or move forward in your career then the following organisations can help

Careers advice and support

There are lots of different ways to find a job. The more ways you try, the better chance you have of being successful. 

Finding a Job

Local, online and national training courses available to adults looking to advance their skills and careers.


Skills & Employability Support East Sussex
Up to date information on free courses and support across East Sussex.
Provisions are listed by area. To access the programmes, follow the referral route guidance. Some services accept self-referrals, and some need to be made by a professional, such as a job coach or key worker – this is stated for each programme.

Download The Employability and Skills Brochure

Skills and Employability Courses

ESTAR Employability for Supported and Temporary Accommodation & Refuges
ESTAR is a jointly funded project from East Sussex County Council and Public Health England. The overall objective is to enable those without permanent accommodation to access the most suitable and local pre-employment support.


For up-to-date support opportunities and information for unemployed people in East Sussex.

Support for Unemployed People

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In East Sussex we have several priority employment sectors. These are all important to our local economy and offer a wide range of job opportunities at all levels. Some of our priority sectors have current projects and recruitment campaigns to promote jobs that are available now.

Local Industries