Work Experience

Why Offer Work Experience?

Work experience supports young people to make career decisions, develop employability skills and support successful transition in to FE, HE, Apprenticeships and the workplace.

As a school it will help you to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks with particular focus on;

Benchmark Number 5 (Encounters with employers and employees)

Benchmark Number 6 (Experiences of workplaces)


"Work Experience is a very valuable part of a student’s educational journey at Hailsham Community College. It is an opportunity for students to begin investigating what life is like outside of college and experience the world of work. For the students it is an opportunity to gain valuable skills and inform themselves about expectations of the workplace. Whether this is in their chosen career path or not the time with employers and employees will help inform their future decisions about pathways.

For the college it is a chance to see the students using the knowledge and skills they have gained at their time in education and seeing them put to use in a work environment. Our hope is that the experience motivates the students by understanding the importance of their time in college and how being the best they can be at HCC will benefit them in their future, whichever career pathway they choose to take."

Jennie Cole – Careers Leader – Hailsham Community College

"The benefits of work experience to the school is that it helps give the students the opportunity to get an idea of what the real world will be like. This then helps to engage the students more with their studies once they return as they have more of a focus to work hard and get the best grades that they can. It also gives them the opportunities to learn more about their own abilities. Some students also get the chance to shine and exceed all expectations which is turns improves their self-confidence.

For the students it helps them to develop their employability skills and see how the skills they learn in school transfer into the real world. It also gives them the opportunity to start to build networks and connections with local businesses. This could then help them in the future when they are looking for employment."

Graham Morris – Director of Progress/Careers Lead – Ark Alexandra

Work Experience Year 10 Evaluations

Each academic year the East Sussex County Council work experience team undertake an online survey for year 10 students who undertook a block week placement.

The key headline questions below are taken from the most recent survey from 2018-19.

Do you have a better understanding of what employers require from their employees?

Yes – 93%

“All employers require punctuality, suitable clothing, a good attitude, good relationships with others and a good standard of work.”

“They look for someone hard-working and innovative, someone they can trust and rely on, and someone who enjoys what they're doing”

Has the placement helped you to make decisions about what you want to do when you leave school?

Yes – 70%

“I already had a few ideas of what would like to do after school and this work experience helped me narrow that down”

“By completing my work experience placement, it has helped me look at a wider area of different job options that I could consider for the future and has taught me to be more open minded about different courses and career paths I could take once I leave school.”