Work Experience

Employer Benefits of Work Experience

How do you benefit from taking on a work experience placement?

Apart from making a real difference to a young person’s working life, offering work experience is beneficial to employers for a number of reasons.

  • Recruitment opportunities
  • Staff Development
  • A more engaged workforce
  • Engagement in the local community
  • Contribution to economic development in the local area.

Work Experience Employer Evaluations

Each academic year the East Sussex County Council work experience team undertake an online survey with employers who took a work experience placement.

The key headline questions below are taken from the most recent survey from 2018-19.

Did you find having a work experience student beneficial?

Yes: 91%

“All employees were thrilled to have some young people in the depot. The business was definitely more energised that week and it seemed that the students really enjoyed themselves which was the most important thing”

“It is great to be involved with students as part of their "getting ready for work".”

“Students over the years have all bought different skills to the business and in one case a student implemented an online invoice for me to use as a template for all my pdf invoices to customers. This has been of great value to me and I will always be thankful for this.”

Would you recommend offering a work experience placement to other businesses?

Yes: 77%

“It’s important to show students what’s involved in various businesses so they can make informed decisions when choosing potential subjects which lead to careers.”

“Ultimately it will lead to future employees being better prepared.”

“It is the opportunity to put your field of work in the shop window; our field being engineering is not highly promoted in the school environment which means we have the chance to demonstrate the pluses and minuses of this type of work in the future."

Work Experience Video

This video captures the thoughts of both students and employers about work experience who are based in Manchester.