The Gatsby Benchmarks

Gatsby Benchmark 3: Addressing the needs of each learner

Pupils have different career guidance needs at different stages. Opportunities for advice and support need to be tailored to the needs of each pupil. A school’s careers programme should embed equality and diversity considerations throughout. A school’s careers programme should actively seek to challenge stereotypical thinking and raise aspirations. Schools should keep systematic records of the individual advice given to each student and subsequent agreed decisions. All students should have access to these records to support their career development. Schools should collect and maintain accurate data for each student on their education, training or employment destinations for at least three years after they leave school.

The resources on this page will support you to attain 100% in Gatsby Benchmark 3.

Challenge gender norms

  • Modern Muse is striving to eradicate the gender pay gap by empowering girls to lead the world’s top industries.  The website connects girls to hundreds of women (Muses) working in diverse careers to support the girls to develop leadership skills.
  •  PWC Tech We Can lesson plans focus on inspiring more females to enter technology careers. The resources can also be used with boys.
  • Girls Who Code Clubs are free programmes designed to get girls aged 11-18 excited about computer science. 
  • Use these Equality and Human Rights Commission lesson plans to challenge preconceptions about who does what job.

Help students' to identify their skills and track their development

  • Use the Careers and Enterprise's Compass Plus system to record students' participation in careers activities. This will automatically link to the schools' management information system (SIMS or equivalent), enabling Careers Leaders to more easily design a career programme that best reflects' students talents, interests and needs.
  • Share the individual pupil's Compass Plus data with them for discussion in 1-2-1s - you can print them a copy of their individual record.
  • Keep a record of the content of students' formal conversations about careers.
  • Encourage Year 10s and above to use the free digital tool Employability Passport - available via the Careers East Sussex website, using an e-prospectus log-in - to record their skills and careers experiences. See this 'how to' guide to use the Employability Passport with your students:
  • Some schools also use e-portfolio platforms, some of which are paid-for, such as: Grofar,  Start, Kloodle
  • Skillsbuilder Benchmark  is a fun way for students to self-assess their key skills in depth (teachers can also register to have a go too) and is free to use. Having completed their Benchmark, students can then use Skillsbuilder Launchpad to develop their skills.
  • Students with SEND can complete a vocational profile. See below under "support all young people with SEND", and under Gatsby Benchmark 8.
  • Play careers Monopoly with your post 16s to help them to plan their next steps.

Support students who are at risk of becoming NEET

  • Identify students aged 16 to 17 who are likely to be at risk of becoming NEET so that you can support them with the help of YES (Eastbourne office 01323 410803, Hastings office 01424 722045).
  • Once students have left school:
    • Follow up with those at risk of being NEET in liaison with YES 
    • Speak to colleges and training providers to establish which school leavers are on college courses or in pre and post 16 training options
    • Use social media and alumni networks to try and fill any gaps in information.

Support all young people with SEND 

Employability skills 

The Careers Hub has produced ten videos and lesson plans to develop all learners' employability skills, themed around the ten Skills Builder skills. See slide five (notes section) of each lesson plan to access the video link.

Aiming high

Staying positive







Problem solving


Help with Gatsby Benchmark 3 

Ask your Enterprise Coordinator and Enterprise Adviser for further advice and support and consult the Careers and Enterprise Company's resource directory.