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Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing

The UK is currently the 9th largest manufacturing nation in the world.

Engineering is about designing, building and testing machines. Advanced Manufacturing involves creating tools and machinery using engineering skills.  Jobs in engineering are typically about identifying and designing new technical solutions to problems or finding improvements to existing ways of working. 

Manufacturing roles typically focus on designing and making very precise tools or machine parts using advanced techniques, such as laser-cutting and computer-controlled equipment.

Engineering and manufacturing are growing sectors in East Sussex. Many of the sector's businesses are located in Hastings and Newhaven. East Sussex has over 1,200 companies in the manufacturing and engineering sectors and employs over 18,000 people making up 9.9% of the county's total workforce. 

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There are a range of engineering types: mechanical, manufacturing, chemical, electrical, civil, environmental, and more. Those specialising in manufacturing may look to develop specific skills in precision welding or operating CNC machines.

The existing workforce across engineering and manufacturing is aging and it is currently projected that there will be a skills shortage as people retire and the sector continues to grow. This means more skilled jobs will continue to be available over the next 5-10 years for people interested in joining the sector.

Much of the sector now use advanced machinery which require a suitable level of digital skills to operate. Certain roles will require specific technical qualifications as an entry requirement. 

Desirable attributes include having a good attention to detail, being able to work flexibly in line with production timetables and enjoying problem solving.

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