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Creative, Cultural, Digital and Media

The Creative, Cultural, Digital and Media sector is composed of entertainment, heritage and culture, and businesses working in various forms of media: advertising, social media, publications, film, radio and TV.

Creative and Cultural businesses and venues typically provide entertainment such as music, film, exhibitions, theatre and dance. Digital Media businesses focus on the creation of promotional or informative content for a wide range of audiences. This can include creating websites, digital and print marketing, video work and radio production. 

In 2021-23 the sector is predicted to grow by 7.7% in East Sussex, much higher than the national average of 1.1%.  The most common (so most in demand) jobs are graphic designers. This is followed by programmers and software developers. 

Creative and media services often work closely together. There is cross-over of skills, particularly for social media campaigns. This provides a wide range of career paths and progression opportunities.  

The film below gives an overview of the sector:

The workforce in this sector is supported by a large number of self-employed freelancers, often working on a project-by-project basis. 

Businesses range from individuals to large organisations with dedicated specialist teams. 

Entry level skills vary depending on which particular path you wish to pursue. Skills can include a good understanding of customer service and organising events or knowledge of the computer programmes used for design and publishing. 

Many people working in the sector are self-taught having developed a hobby into paid work. It's a great way to turn an interest into an income. However, there are now a wide range of courses available to support those wanting a career in the creative industries or media sector. 

The nature of some creative and media work supports flexible working hours or shift work. This makes it potentially a good option for those with other commitments such as caring responsibilities. You are also able to keep animating that personal passion story, while working. 

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Get some more information on the skills and abilities needed in  Creative, Cultural, Digital & Media work by watching the job role videos below. 

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Job roles in the sector