Support for housing professionals

This page is for professionals working with homeless residents of East Sussex. Find resources to help you support your client.

 Employability and Skills Brochure

The ESTAR team produce a brochure of employability support in the county. You can view or download it here. If you have an update or would like to order any copies, please email  

The brochure aims to put all employability and skills support in one place. Programmes can support your client on their employment journey at any stage. Please use the brochure to help your client find the support that suits them. 


Benefit calculators

 Benefit calculators help people understand how working will affect their benefits. Try using Entitled to as a way to promote employment options to your residents.

Raising Aspirations: Why do we need to talk about aspirations?

Raising Aspirations: How can we help our clients develop aspirations?