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An Enterprise Adviser is.....
A business professional who comes from any industry sector or professional background, be that employed, self-employed or recently employed.Dedicated to making a lasting impact on the future outcomes of young people.Willing to volunteer their time to achieve positive change in local schools and colleges, using core skills including relationship building and being analytical.

 What will you be doing?

  • Supporting the school or college's senior leadership team strategically to develop and evaluate their careers plan.
  • Providing a valuable employer's perspective on how a school or college can embed labour market information and opportunities into the careers programme.
  • Engaging with local businesses and employers in your network to put a wide variety of careers opportunities at the heart of young people's education.

There are a huge number of benefits to becoming an Enterprise Adviser, both personally and professionally.

  • Undertake strategic planning in a new context
  • Develop your skills in communication and strategy development
  • Support your local school or college to deliver world class careers guidance to their students.
  • Build strong working relationships with your local school or college and provide insight into your organisation and industry.
  • Join a national and local network to develop your own skills.
  • Develop your East Sussex networks and give back to our local community.
  • Better understand the education sector and the challenges faced.

East Sussex has 40 Enterprise Advisers supporting our schools and giving students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their future careers.

Watch our short video from Tony Dillon, one of our Enterprise Advisers, telling you more about his role and experience here
You can also read about some of our East Sussex Enterprise Advisers and their stories and sectors further down the page.
This case studies booklet showcases some of the valuable work carried out by our Enterprise Advisers. You can also learn about projects from previous years.

If you are a senior professional, volunteering with a school or college could benefit you too by:

  • Giving back to the East Sussex community
  • Supporting your local school or college to deliver world class guidance to their students
  • Undertaking strategic planning in a new context, developing your skills in communication and strategy development
  • Building strong working relationships with your local school or college, and providing insight into your organisation and industry
  • Better understanding the education sector and the challenges faced
  • Promoting your local brand and sector in the local community
  • Networking and opportunities to grow your business contacts across East Sussex through both regular network meetings and social media groups.

For more information on becoming an Enterprise Adviser, please register your interest at or for any queries contact The East Sussex Careers Hub at

Here are some materials to support you to inspire and prepare students for work:

  • Resources for Enterprise Advisers on the Careers and Enterprise Company website
  • The Careers Development Institute has a toolkit for planning your student encounters.  
  • Extensive free resources from BarclaysLifeSkills for employers and schools to use with young people to help them to understand and develop the key skills they need to go forward into work.  
  • More ideas to bring employers and students together:
    • Have students meet school alumni. Future First can organise this for schools.
    • Creative Cafés are dynamic half-day events where students meet diverse employers in an informal café-style setting. Structured around a series of tasks, with 6-10 young people per employer, students engage with all the employers through short 5-minute ‘speed dating’ conversations or tasks, before electing to join two employers to do a half hour practical challenge.  Culture Shift can help you to set this up.
    • Work experience happens throughout the year. If you are interested in providing work experience, please contact
    • Careers Talks are a great way for business people to share their careers experience with pupils. Young people love to hear stories about the different routes employers have taken to success. Talks can take place in lessons, assemblies, at lunchtime or during an after school club.
    • Networking with employers helps young people become more confident in talking to adults by having quick fire conversations and answering employability questions. Students are taught skills such as eye contact, speaking up, and how to perfect the handshake. Business breakfasts are increasingly popular and allow groups of students to meet a wide range of professionals who can give them  an insight into their journey, role and sector, with an opportunity for Q&As.
    • Mock Interviews involve a short 1-2-1 conversation between employers and learners, similar to a job interview.  Schools will supply employers with suggested questions and employers can give feedback and coaching, helping students to feel confident and well prepared for their next (or first) job interview. The sessions also give our business volunteers an excellent insight into their next generation of employees. 
    • Careers days or careers fairs can take many forms. Schools often like employers to have a stand, with interactive activities to promote their business in an eye-catching way. Employers enjoy talking to pupils to give them ideas for their future and to help them to understand the different pathways into jobs and professions. 
    • Apprenticeship roadshows take place annually in several towns across the county. They are an opportunity for employers to promote their sectors and apprenticeship vacancies to students and parents across East Sussex schools.
    • For information about all these opportunities, please contact