Getting started

Anyone can access the site at any time, you don’t need a login.

Whether you are looking for your Options at Year 9 or Options after Year 11 the system will help you get all the information you need about a wide range of local courses and apprenticeship.

The prospectus will allow you to search for something specific, compare courses, find a Provider, and look up Job Profiles so that you can begin to plan your career. There is also lots of useful and inspiration information on the Information and Inspiration pages to help you make the most of this site.

When your in year 11 you can complete your application form and send it to the opportunities and providers you are interested in. Once submitted your application can be tracked.

Logging In

You can log in into the system through “My Account” using the login details provided by your school or academy. If your school/ academy do not issue any account details you can register as a new user.  To self-register please provide as much detail as possible.